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    "My wish is that everyone should be so lucky to work with Adam. There's a lot of industry talk about DevOps culture, Accelerate, and cycle time. This guy lives it. He has seriously improved my life as an engineer in unmeasurable ways."

    Mike Sherov

    New York, New York

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    A 15+ plus book path to personal-mastery. It's organized into core, secondary, and deep study. Your eBook includes a high-resolution mind map, notes on each book, and self-assessments. Plus, extra bonuses!

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    Hey there. I'm Adam Hawkins. I teach developers the path to software delivery excellence on my podcast. I have a saying: "Excellent theory, precedes excellent practice." This guide provides you the theory needed to excel as a Developer.

    The Way traces the origin of modern management to modern day high-velocity software development. This is the foundation for the four pillars of software delivery excellency: test-driven development, continuous delivery, software architecture, and production operations.

    This guide will make you a better developer, leader, manager, coach, engineer, teammate, and mentor.